Visual Accounting Development Inc.

Visual Accounting is a computer consulting firm specializing in tailored business accounting systems. With 40 years of experience in computer consulting, Visual Accounting is uniquely qualified to provide systems analysis, programming, technical support and training services. We provide expert support and service for most Libra Signature Accounting Software Products. Libra data extraction and data conversion services are also available where required, in Ascii Text and Excel Spreadsheet data formats. Visual Accounting has also also developed many industry specific accounting software companion products that fully integrate with Libra’s Signature Accounting Software Modules.

Libra software can be run on many Windows platforms, including Windows 95 all the way up to Windows 10 64 bit edition via the use of a Virtual Machine which we can install remotely for you. This can allow you to access Libra Historical data for years, even after you have converted to different software. Since most software conversions do not include historical data, this access can be very useful from time to time.

A list of Companion Products we have developed would include:

Canadian Payroll
Marina Management
Medical Patient Services
Fixed Assets
Sales Analysis
Trucking Analysis
Process Management
Metal Plating Systems
Lumber Industry Billing

Libra products have been sold in the United States and Canada for many years. During this period, one of the main selling points of the product has been the reliability and flexibility of the Libra Signature Accounting programs. To this, Visual Accounting adds the ability to develop compatible companion products, if necessary, to meet the exact needs of the customer. These products can run standalone or in multi-user mode with up to 100 users, networked on a variety of common server platforms. We have provided many of our customers with modifications and optional modules that enable them to use Libra Signature Products to effectively run their businesses.

We also provide hardware sales, hardware and software installation and networking services to our client base.

Technical support is available on both monthly plans and on a per call basis.

If you are interested in more information about any of our applications or services , please contact us at:

Visual Accounting Development Inc.

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