Over the years we have created a number of programs that provide features not available in the standard Libra Accounting Modules. Many of these programs are available in The Visual Accounting Features Module that most clients have installed. Other features are largely customized based on individual user requirements. A brief description of some of the more useful features follows:


General Ledger Data Transfer


- Transfers journal entries from one company and period in one database to another company and period in another database. Can be used to consolidate multiple databases into a single reporting entity.


A/P Tax Reconciliation Report


- Lists payable invoices with separate totals for GST. Can be used to catch mistakes in invoice data entry resulting in lost credits.


A/P Cheque Date Corrections


- Allows a range of cheques to be dated as required before printing. Cheques 1001 through 1200 could be dated from Jan 5, 2000 to Jan 5, 2001 for instance.


A/R Tax Reconciliation Report


- Lists receivable invoices including Net amounts, GST, PST and Total columns. Helps to catch tax omissions that can be costly later. Highlights mistakes in customer tax codes. Useful during tax audits.


A/R Credit Report


- Lists customer balances and credit limits for those customers over their credit limit.


A/R Laser Statements


- Prints customer statements designed for laser printer operation on 8 x 11 format.


O/E Inventory Requirements Report


- Lists outstanding orders with current inventory levels noted to expedite orders.


Inventory Price Increases


- Increases pricing using various formulas and rounding techniques. Allows pricing to be proofed before increases are made active.


Invoice Data Retention


- Retains all data required to inquire on or reprint invoices for years. All invoices for a certain customer over a required time frame can be reprinted as required.




- Enter & print purchase orders, receive inventory, match receiving to invoices and transfer to Accounts Payable for Payment.


Fixed Assets Management


- List, report and depreciate assets. Post depreciation transactions to General Ledger.


Extended Sales Analysis


- Retains sales data for as many years as required & report by customer, part number, sales rep, sales type and sales volume in a number of different formats.


- Jan Dec report formats.


- 2001 2000 1999 report formats.