VISUAL NEWSLETTER – SEP 2002           




The current version of Libra’s Accounting Modules works quite well with all versions of Microsoft Windows including 95, 98 & ME as well as NT, 2000 & XP. These families will be referred to as 9x & NT when generalizing.


Different versions also require minor changes to run Libra smoothly and require that certain parameters be set up in different places. The following review will cover most of the issues involved in making sure that Libra continues to function well when you add a new version of windows.


Each new computer that you add to your network must be equipped with the necessary Network Components to access Libra’s programs and files. If Libra is located on a Novell Server this requires that you add:


- Client for Netware Networks on 9x

- Client Services for Netware on NT

- IPX/SPX protocol support on 9x

- NW-Link on NT


Windows NT & 2000 servers generally only require the TCP/IP protocol but this must be configured correctly to see the server.


Peer to Peer networks can use either IPX or TCP/IP protocols. They usually only require that all computers belong to the same Work Group to access the shared Libra files.


Libra requires that its files be located on a set drive letter (usually L:) This can be set in different ways. On Novell & Windows NT server based systems the drive mapping usually occurs via the Login Script executed by the server when a user logs in.


On Peer to Peer and Windows NT server networks you can also map the drive from Windows Explorer, Network Neighbourhood.




This is done by right clicking the Libra folder and or going into Tools and selecting Map Network Drive. Whenever possible keep the drive letter L: since this simplifies Support.


Each Libra Workstation requires:


- A unique Work Station Id

- Libra Path & Drive Letter Assignments


These are often added to the Autoexec.Bat file in Windows 9x. They should be added to the Autoexec.Nt file in Windows NT.


The commands might appear as follows:







Only the Workstation Id needs to be set at the Workstation level. The other lines may be added to System Login Scripts or to the top of LIBRA.BAT to ensure everyone has them.


By changing the Workstation Id command to:


SET WSID=01,02,03


A user would now be able to open up to three sessions of Libra. All WSID’s must be unique to each Computer to avoid any conflicts.


 Libra can be run in a Window by Pressing <Alt><Enter>. This will also return it to Full Screen Mode. In Windows NT/2000/XP systems you need to make sure the layout in the icon properties is set to 80 x 25 otherwise the screen will be compressed in full screen.


Printer Access varies in different versions of Windows. See the November 2001 newsletter on our web-site to view some of the more common techniques.