VISUAL NEWSLETTER – OCT 2006                         




Microsoft has announced the potential launch date for the new Windows Vista Operating System. We’ll get our first official deliveries on or about March 31, 2007. Now that specifications are somewhat finalized we can make a reasonable recommendation on advance requirements. If you are eager to implement this new operation system you will need a computer with these specifications:


3.0 ghz or equivalent processor

2.0 Core 2 Duo is equivalent in speed

256mb high end Video Card

1gb or more Ram Memory

80gb or larger Hard Drive

DVD Player / DVD Writer Drive


Windows Vista will be offered in a Home and Professional version. Dell Canada has offered a free upgrade to the new Windows System for anyone purchasing a new Dell Computer between now and March 31st.




Intel has decided to drop the big discounts that larger computer manufacturers were receiving on their Intel processors. Dell in particular, as the worlds largest PC manufacturer, has been affected resulting in price increases in their Intel based lines.


 Dell has retaliated by introducing their first AMD processor models. Other manufacturers have supplied AMD based systems for some time to reduce the costs on entry-level machines. This decision has resulted in a drop in market share for Intel but presumably a better profit margin picture.


AMD has to its credit created some fairly competitive processors in recent years and experienced substantial growth in the home computer sector based on its popular Sempron, Athlon and Athlon 64 processors.




The IBM PC is no more. IBM officially sold off its PC division to Lenovo, a China based manufacturer that will produce IBM like systems in the future. IBM retains its more profitable Server and Mainframe divisions. It is also highly involved in consulting.


IBM has fallen a long way since the days of the original PC back in 1981. Once the behemoth on the block, they were overtaken by the likes of Dell, Compaq, HP and a plethora of inexpensive clone computers.


On the other hand Apple resisted the urge to open their architecture and has maintained a solid niche in specialized computer markets.




With the introduction of Windows Vista, Microsoft will drop support for all other products with the exception of Windows XP which will be maintained and sold for some time to come. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 will become official orphans about that time. Windows XP’s lifespan will extend at least another 5 years, dependant and how quickly the world adopts Windows Vista.


As usual, we recommend caution in jumping to a new operation system. There are generally numerous bugs and software incompatibilities to work out in the first year. There is something to be said for avoiding the “Bleeding Edge of Technology”




Microsoft is offering free trial copies of their new Microsoft Office Based Accounting Software. This is likely to bolster sagging Microsoft Office Sales. Many users, myself included, simply think that the 2000 version is as good as 2002, 2004, 2006, etc. Not all of us need every new feature someone can think of.