Well over half of our Libra clients have fully converted to Laser printing. This goes for reports, invoices, purchase orders, cheques and assorted other forms. Laser printing has significant advantages over older Dot-Matrix printing in terms of sound reduction, printing speed and general readability. For anyone looking at re-ordering any forms printed by your Libra programs such as Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices or Cheques, Laser printing has to be a consideration.


Laser printers have come down substantially in price as well. You can usually find one for less than the least expensive Dot-Matrix printer. Many models can also print in Duplex Mode (both sides of the page) and can print envelopes, laser labels and such. Many models can double as a Fax Machine and Photocopier as well.


But be forewarned, not every model or brand is adaptable to printing from Libra programs. Generally we recommend HP printers both for compatibility and reliability reasons. We have also successfully used some models of Brother, Canon, Minolta, Okidata & Pitney Bowes printers as well. Unfortunately, many other models were found to be incompatible. Generally the printer must support the PCL printer language for Libra compatibility. Even some low-end HP printers do not support this language and as a result will not work.


A list of compatible HP Printers we can supply:


Model Printing Fax Copier Price

1320 Simplex/Duplex No No $375.00

2420 Simplex No No $625.00

2420d Simplex/Duplex No No $725.00

4250 Simplex No No $1025.00


3050 Simplex Yes Yes $350.00

3055 Simplex Yes Yes $575.00

3380 Simplex Yes Yes $825.00

3390 Simplex Yes Yes $775.00


The main differences as the price increases are speed and durability rating. The more expensive models are rated for more pages per month. The more expensive All In One units have better photocopier features as well. Most of the printers are also available with multiple trays and optional network cards at additional cost.


We have used all of the above models with success. Any other model that you are considering should be referred to us to confirm its compatibility. Most of the high-end Digital Printer/Photocopiers supporting the PCL programming language can often be used as well.




For some time now we have offered Monthly Support Plans and about half of our clients have taken advantage of the program. Unfortunately, many clients have preferred to go on a Pay as You Go basis, which results in a variety of problems both for Visual Accounting and the clients themselves as they try to avoid placing a technical support call to save money. This often results in minor problems turning into major ones as clients struggle to solve problems themselves. These major problems often require us to come on-site to resolve what may have taken 5 minutes up front.


Monthly support plans start at as little as $20 per month. Typical installations, with networking, multiple users and applications cost about $50 per month. Monthly support plans help to keep costs down and make sure that we as a company can continue to offer our services to our clients now and well into the future.


The advantages of Monthly Support Plans are:


1)    Technical Support Fees are fixed.


2)    Staff can inquire as to the best way to do something instead of wasting time experimenting with solutions.


3)    Problems are solved while they are still simple instead of having users trying to fix them themselves and ultimately making things worse.


4)    Support extends to advice about home computers and computer related purchases for all users on the monthly support plan.


5)    The availability of Libra Support is guaranteed.


6)    Payroll, Sales Analysis, Accounting Features and other updates are included free of charge.




July 1, 2007 is coming fast. The Canadian Bank Association has dictated new standards for all corporate cheques to enable standard clearing, scanning and imaging of cheques. If you are ordering new cheques, make sure that they meet the new standard. What will happen when the time comes and your cheques do not meet the standard is unclear. The deadline has already slipped by 6 months. Whether the banks have decided to charge fees to clear non-compliant cheques has not been cast in stone but seems all too likely in the Canadian Banking Tradition.