VISUAL NEWSLETTER Ė FEB 2007††††††††††† †††††††††††††




As youíve probably heard, Daylight Savings Time hits us the second weekend in March this year. For most users this is not a big problem as most computer programs are not time dependant and the fact that your computer time is off by one hour is generally not significant. Normally computers adjust for Daylight Savings Time but on the old date formula. This year the conversion will be off by a few weeks unless you download the necessary updates from the Internet. Microsoft is not making updates available for Operating Systems older than Windows XP. If you still have a computer running Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000, you will need to adjust the time manually if it needs to be correct. When Daylight Savings time finally kicks in on itís own, albeit 3 weeks late, you will need to set the time back again to be correct.




We recently spent an anxious weekend testing Windows Vista for a client that ordered a new computer and came up with the following:

1) Libra Dos Based Printing is not supported.

2) Btrieve 5.0 File Formats are not supported.

3) Novell Servers are no longer supported.

4) Many older Windows Programs wonít work.

Windows Vista is likely to be the first system to create genuine technological hurdles for anyone running older DOS or Windows Based Programs. As time goes on, we will likely find solutions to some of the problems but at present it seems that significant upgrades are necessary if you want to play in the Windows Vista World.

For Libra Users, workable solutions may involve:

1) Upgrading to the Windows System Manager.

2) Converting Files To ISAM Databases.

3) Converting Files To Pervasive SQL Databases.

Unless you absolutely have to have Vista, we recommend sticking with Windows XP for now.



Our first look at Windows Vista was impressive despite the incompatibility problems. It has a very translucent quality to the graphics and the overall appearance is quite nice. It does require a fast processor, advanced video card and lots of RAM, so donít skimp if you really want one. It handles Audio, Video and Pictures quite well which is nice for a home computer but doesnít get along well with older equipment and servers.


Microsoft has allowed most major computer companies to offer Windows XP for a 90 day period which ends at the end of May. During this period you can still order computers with Windows XP preinstalled. After that grace period, Microsoft has threatened to cut off supplies to any computer manufacturer that does not sell their computers with Windows Vista installed.Microsoft Support for Windows XP will extend to 2012 but support for all other Operating Systems has been dropped, see Daylight Savings Time.


If you are considering replacing, adding or just keeping a spare computer in reserve this may be the time to order one or two with Windows XP. For now, there are a still a number of good reasons that you may want to delay your inevitable adventure into Windows Vista:


1) Many Programs just wonít work on it.


2) Itís more expensive than Windows XP.


3) Costs of Hardware & Software Upgrades.


4) Performance is slower than Windows XP.


5) It doesnít do anything Windows XP canít.


6) Equipment Driver Support is still limited.


7) Itís a new target for Viruses & Malware.


8) It tightens software piracy protection.


9) Peer to Peer Networking is more limited.


10) It will drive you nuts with security approvals.