With the economic indicators predicting a slow summer ahead, we would like to remind clients of the services that we can provide:

1) Libra Accounting Training

2) Libra Accounting Programming

3) Libra Accounting Technical Support

4) Libra Data Export and Data Repairs

5) Libra Payroll, Direct Deposit & Accounting Services

6) Computer Hardware Setup

Including Computers, Servers, Printers, Internet Modems, Networking Equipment, Wireless Routers, Digital Photocopiers, Etc.

7) Computer Hardware Repairs

8) Computer Software Installation

Microsoft Office, AntiVirus, Etc.

9) Computer Software Training

Microsoft Office, Remote Access, Etc.

10) Computer Software Tune-Ups

Software Removal Advanced Virus Removal Operating System Repairs Full Windows Re-Installation

Many of these services are also available for your home computer at relatively low rates providing you can drop off and pick up the computer. A typical home repair would run $20-$50 providing no hardware components need to be purchased and replaced. On-site home visits are also available at slightly higher rates depending on the travel time to your location.


When times are slow and staff levels are down it is often a good time to consider minor changes to optimize the time it takes to perform certain accounting tasks. This can help existing staff get their work done and postpone the hiring of additional personnel.

For example, I have seen individuals take two different reports and re-enter data to a spreadsheet. It would often be possible to either create a single report to do the same job or to export the necessary data to Excel rather than re-entering it manually. If these procedures are used frequently, then a small investment may pay dividends for years and alleviate a time consuming and tedious task.

It can often be worthwhile to sit down with your staff and discuss procedures that they find time consuming, that might be improved. This may involve a change in physical procedures or changes to a computerized entry program, report or data export but often noticeable improvements can be made.


Microsoft, thru their corporate partners, have begun taking advance orders for Windows 7. Itís hard to think of Microsoft needing money, but they are offering the upgrades at half price until July 11th. They have stated in the offer that Windows 7 will ship in October 2009.

If anyone really wants to try it in advance we have the Windows 7 Release Candidate DVD that can be installed and converted to a live license in October. Otherwise The Release Candidate version would begin to shutdown every two hours starting in March 2010.

To date, Libra seems to work quite well on Windows 7 with no database or printing issues noted. It has in fact fixed a few minor problems that have existed in Windows Vista.