Windows 7 continues to work fairly well but not without the occasional quirk. I have had a number of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook sessions crash for no apparent reason and in at least in one case I needed to restart the computer to correct the condition.

As is usually the case with any new operating system there are always some features that seemed easier to use under good old Windows XP. Still XP was not without its own quirks and at least some of those old problems have been remedied in Windows 7.

I recently helped several users implement Windows 7 systems at home and have at least one major client planning a roll-out of Windows 7 during the coming year. Iíll report further results as they become available.


Starting with 2009, the CRA requires businesses with 50 or more employees ( # of T4ís issued ) to file their T4ís electronically instead of remitting paper copies as they did in 2008. Companies with less employees can file electronically but are not required to do so.

The steps to complete T4 processing from within Visual Payroll are as follows:

1) Go to the 2009 Payroll Database and the Periodic Processing Menu

2) Select program 77. T4 Form Printing.

3) Select Type of Form = 1 ( Copy 1 ) and specify the Company No to Print T4ís.

4) Check the individual T4ís and totals to confirm that they are all correct.

5) Go back into T4 Printing and select Type of Form = 2 ( Copies 2/3 ) and print these for the employees.

6) Go into program 69. Magnetic Media Filing, select the company to file and press enter to pull up the company info.

7) Complete the screen information including contact info and the year to file and press to create the file. ( This file called RETURN.XML will be located in a folder called LIBADMIN at the same directory level as LIBRA2 ) If this folder does not already exist you will need to create it.

8) Once the file has been created ( you will see it on the screen ) exit Payroll and go into Internet Explorer.

9) Type in the address:

10) Select: Enter Internet file transfer (XML) secure Web site. Read and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

11) Enter your Business No ( e.g. 123456789RP0001 ) and Web Access Code from the CRA document.

12) Browse to select the file to transmit, usually L:\LIBADMIN\RETURM.XML Select Agree & File My Return to send the file and note the confirmation no.

13) A day later call the CRA number: 1-800-959-5525 to confirm that they received the file and that it was ok.