Libra Signature - Overview

Libra Signature placed number one in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Global Features in a study by the Business Systems & Technology division of Peat Marwick Thorne. Signature placed a close second in Inventory Control, and as an Overall Accounting system. The study compared Libra Signature Accounting with the likes of Accpac Plus, Platinum, MAS90, Great Plains, Solomon and several other major accounting software brands.

Signature provides flexible screen design and user specific default controls allowing managers to set-up working environments to suit individual user requirements. This can noticeably increase the productivity of your employees, just by eliminating or rearranging data fields for quicker data entry. Libra systems utilize standardized procedures across modules to improve the learning curve and reduce training costs. Procedural checks and tracking systems allow for strong Audit Trails and help maintain Data Integrity. This fully integrated systems design eliminates data redundancy, allowing easier data control, tracking, backups and updating. Strong user security features allow easy access, while avoiding data tampering.

If flexible, highly functional accounting software is what you need, Libra's Signature Version 6.0 may be exactly what you are looking for. Does user-designed file maintenance and data entry screens sound appealing? How do new and expanded data entry fields, inter-company processing, invoice percentage allocation, new optional features and integrated report writers sound? Signature 6.0 by LIBRA unlocks the power that LIBRA has contained for over thirty years.


Signature applications are DOS based, Windows friendly, menu driven modules capable of running under all versions of Windows ( 95, 98, 2000, XP & Vista SP1 ) on either stand-alone PC's or networks (Novell Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Linux Server & Peer To Peer based Networks are Supported). A multi-user Signature network, can even take full advantage of Windows, running multiple sessions of Signature simultaneously. This allows you to have more than one session open at a time (for example, file maintenance in one session while entering data in another session). Remote access is also possible with the addition of software products such as Terminal Services, Citrix, Go To My PC, Log Me In, Etc.

Signature 6.0 applications can meet the needs of multi-company environments, by providing up to 999 databases with as many as 99 companies within each data base. The Single Fund Accounting feature enhances the multi-company environment by providing single payer distribution and automatic inter-company transactions.

Signature modules include G/L, A/P, A/R, Order Entry, Inventory Control & Cost Accounting. Some of the more popular optional features include Laser Check Printing, Advanced Financial Reporting, Single Fund Accounting, Modular Report Writers, and Direct Deposit Processing. New features available with Signature 6.0 include a Process Server and Btrieve Data Dictionary File Generator. The Btrieve DDF's now enable the use of the Graphical (Window-based) R&R Report Writer to create reports across modules and data bases.

The flexibility of this product is evident upon installation. Signature lets you fit the software to your way of processing rather than forcing you to adapt to the software's predefined approach. You can set security at the environment, database and user level for each module. Signature is also flexible in data entry and reporting functions. Data entry provides optional prompts and field lengths to minimize the number of unnecessary keystrokes. When running reports, you can run each report using almost unlimited selection criteria, report styles and data sorting options.

User Option Names allows users to have their own unique options in a shared data base. In addition, functional names (for example, MONTH-END) may be created so that anyone can run functions and reports without knowing how the options should be set. Pre-Run Screens, allow you pick options and defaults that are important to the user, and place them on a single screen to view, before proceeding with the particular function or report. The Pre-Run Screens eliminate the need to review all of the options and defaults available for the function or report selected. Queuing Functions for later Processing lets you perform functions like posting and report processing in an unattended mode. When you perform the functions in the queue you will be asked for the processing dates. The queue can be processed as often as you would like.

Signature provides numerous, user friendly, features. They include extensive use of pop-up windows, displaying various forms of information, including data contained in other modules (for example, a window of G/L accounts or Job Information while entering data in A/P). The menus are intuitive, allowing for an easy understanding of the flow of information and are designed in a consistent manner to help decrease the learning curve for each new application. Signature allows 13 periods for this fiscal year and 13 periods for the next fiscal year to be open at the same time. Each legal entity is allowed to have separate fiscal year starts.

Data can be entered into one of 99 transaction files. If you are running on a multi-user system, you can enter data in separate files for proofing and later posting. No real-time updating of any consequence is allowed. In addition, Signature does a good job of interactively warning you that errors have been made during data entry. If for some reason you choose to bypass all of the warnings during data entry and proofing stages and post with errors, Signature does a good job of explaining how to recover from these errors. Data can be exported to popular spreadsheet programs from all modules. In addition, each application that offers the report writer feature also provides exporting capabilities. Data can also be imported into the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Accounting, Payroll and Property Management modules.

Special Features

The Process Server
The Process Server allows a designated workstation to do time consuming processing.

Btrieve Data Dictionary Files
Will allow databases to be more accessible to external data base applications and report writers.

The Screen Design Tool
The tool lets you optionally create user-definable master file maintenance screens.

Advanced Financial Reporting
This Signature feature offers you a variety of new ways to increase the reporting capabilities of the current General Ledger. AFR provides a report writer for ledgers, journals, and financial statements allowing you to determine what information appears on a report and where the information is printed. You can design the report layout on your computer screen to see exactly how the report will look when it's printed.

Account number masking can now be defined with a unique description for any segment of your account number. For example, if you use the last two positions of your account number to represent different departments, then you could assign descriptions to these departments, as well as have the descriptions print on your financial statements and your trial balance.

Multiple company comparisons can be printed across the page in both the trial balance and financial statements. This is ideal when you want to compare the performance of all your companies. With the AFR feature, you can now create a queue that can be printed whenever you are ready and as often as you like.

Account Rollup Reporting allows you to see accounts consolidated on financials. With account rollup, you can consolidate any account numbers and only have to define the rollup once. After you create the consolidation definition in your library, you can access those reports as often as you like. If for some reason you need to add additional information or make a change, simply edit the definition to have it take effect.

If you are interested in more information about any of our applications, or require a demonstration on how the whole system integrates to become a highly functional information system, please contact us.